Your body is home many different bacteria and micro-flora, most of which are beneficial, collectively called the micro-biome. In fact it is estimated that your body is home to as many bacteria cells as human cells.

Your brain is a hungry beast. Keeping your brain operating takes about about 260 calories per day, about 20% of your resting metabolic rate, 10% of your overall calorie expenditure. The brain uses glucose as it primary fuel but as the human body ages it becomes less efficient at getting glucose to our brain

WTF to do with GMOs?

GMOs are a divisive topic. They are either going to save humanity or destroy the planet depending on whom you ask and the discussion around them has become toxic faster than you can say “corporate shill” or “anti-science luddite”.

There has been a lot of controversy about whether coconut is actually good for you, especially whether it raises your risk of cardiovascular disease. It's loaded with saturated fats and saturated fats cause heart disease, right? But most of those fats are medium chain triglycerides which are actually good for you, right? It gets confusing really quickly. There are really two major questions here; do saturated fats cause heart disease and do medium chain triglycerides behave like other saturated fats?