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Delicious AND Healthy Snacks the Whole Family Loves

What is radical about Radical Organics?

We have spent years researching and developing snacks that taste great using the latest scientific understanding of what human beings need to thrive and what makes a healthier planet. Then we share those products and the science behind them with you so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Why do we go to all this extra trouble? Because that is what we want for our families.Each detail from the decision about what products to make, to the recipes, to the packaging is examined in minute detail to bring only the best products to market.

Sometimes this process takes years to get right because we will not accept anything that does not measure up to what we would give our own families.

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Health Benefits

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The many studies about the benefits of Coconuts.

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MCTs in coconut boost brain function.

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Coconut promotes gut health.

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MCTs help maintain a
healthy brain in old age.

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MCTs in coconuts help reduce weight significantly.

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MCTs promote a
healthy immune system


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Product Gallery

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  • Original Flavor

    Original Flavor

    Gently toasted with coconut sugar and sea salt.

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    How It's made

    No Compromises, Just Pure Goodness

  • Chili & Lime

    Chili And Lime

    Gently toasted and seasoned with all organic spices

  • Simply Salted

    Simply Salted

    Simply toasted and lightly salted with no added sugar.

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    Vegan Dragonfruit Crumble

    Recipe idea featuring our coconut chips!

  • Original Flavor

    Coconut Chips

    Our Chips can be used a topping on your favorite ice cream.

  • Simply Salted

    Simply Salted

    Our Chips can be used as an ingredient on your favorite dessert.

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    Vegan Spiral Tart

    Recipe idea featuring our coconut chips!

  • Original Flavor

    Coconut Chips

    Delicious and Healthy!

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Leadership Team

Innovation, world-class excellence, and transparency are the core philosophies and values of our leadership team. These gentlemen not only exhibit great leadership skills but they are also eager to talk with you about our business and products.

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We have partners across the globe and we are on a continued effort to reach even more people to have access to our delicious and healthful products. If you can't find a distributor in your area, please use our contact form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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