When you need to bring the heat you need to reach for our Chili & Lime Coconut Chips. Spicy, sour and savory all rolled together in an organic super snack with tons of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) to promote weight loss and boost brain function (see the full studies under the Learn tab to find out more).

Making a better coconut chip start by choosing organically grown coconuts that are then processed and dried without adding any sulfites (most coconut has sulfites added during processing). We use coconut sugar for its low glycemic index and trace minerals so your blood sugar doesn’t spike after eating our coconut chips. We use precision tools to slice the coconut meat thinly and evenly ensuring that all the chips are dried to our precise level of crispiness. The chips are then packed in pure nitrogen to give them a shelf life of two years without any preservatives. Even the bag is carefully designed as a zero transfer barrier to prevent any water molecules from entering and making the chips soggy over time. At each step in the process we have gone way beyond “normal” and each improvement adds up to a chip that is the best nature and science can make it.

We offer many different packaging options: 20 gram snack packs, 40 gram stand up pouches and 80 gram stand up pouches. We also have 8 gram sample packs that are included with your order of the 40 or 80 gram pouches to introduce your customers to products. The 80 gram pouches also come in three and ten pouch value packs for customers for whom one pouch is just not enough.